Alfaz-e-Ishq – A ghazal concert


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Fanzone Early Bird 999
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Event Summary

Event Name Alfaz-e-Ishq – A ghazal concert
Performer Nisschal Zaveri
Organiser Alfaz-e-Ishq
Date July 27, 2024
Day Saturday
Time 8:30 PM
Venue Studio Raag
Location Ahmedabad


Step into an evening of timeless melodies and poetic elegance with “Alfaz-e-Ishq,” a Ghazal show that will transport you to a world of profound emotions and musical brilliance. The evening will feature soul-stirring performances by the acclaimed Ghazal singer, Nisschal Zaveri, whose deep connection with poetry and unmatched vocal prowess have captivated audiences across the country. Set against the intimate backdrop of “Studio Raag” in Ahmedabad, this concert is designed to celebrate the essence of love and expression through the enchanting art of Ghazal. Indulge in a special evening of poetry, expression and love. Secure your seats soon. Limited Early bird tickets. “Alfaz-e-Ishq” is a ghazal concert that celebrates the rich tradition of ghazals, a poetic form that originated in classical Arabic poetry. The term “Alfaz-e-Ishq” translates to “Words of Love,” indicating the concert’s focus on themes of love, longing, and emotional expression, which are central to the ghazal genre. Ghazals are known for their intricate rhymes and profound emotional content, often exploring the pain of separation and the beauty of love. They are traditionally performed in a musical setting, with singers conveying the depth of the poetry through their vocal expressions and accompanying instruments.

How to Book Tickets

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  • Search for the Event: Use the search bar to find “Alfaz-e-Ishq – A ghazal concert” or navigate to the events section for Ahmedabad on the specified date.
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  • What is “Alfaz-e-Ishq”?
    • “Alfaz-e-Ishq” is a ghazal concert celebrating the poetic tradition of love and emotions through music.
  • Who is performing at the concert?
    • The concert features Nisschal Zaveri, renowned for his soulful renditions of ghazals.
  • When and where is the concert taking place?
    • Date: July 27, 2024
    • Time: 8:30 PM
    • Venue: Studio Raag, Ahmedabad
  • How can I book tickets for the concert?
    • Tickets can be booked online through BookMyShow. Visit the website or app, search for “Alfaz-e-Ishq – A ghazal concert,” select your preferred ticket category (e.g., Fanzone Early Bird), and complete the booking process.
  • What are the ticket prices?
    • Fanzone Early Bird tickets are priced at INR 999.


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