Gopi Funchurian By Badava Gopi


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Minimum Price ₹499
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Event Summary

Event Details
Performer Badava Gopi
Organiser Indian Rib Tickling Delic
Event Name Gopi Funchurian
Date Range June 09, 2024 – July 28, 2024
Day Sunday
Venue Multiple Venues


Come and experience badavagopi’s grandeur mimicry performance LIVE and be awestruck by the sounds & effects echoing through the hall and laugh along to the funny jokes and impressions that was WOW certified by former president APJ

GOPI FUNCHURIAN will be a rib tickling delicacy mixed with all the entertaining spices which you should not miss out

“Gopi Funchurian,” a stand-up comedy special by Badava Gopi, dives into a humorous exploration of everyday life, cultural quirks, and the idiosyncrasies of society. Badava Gopi, known for his sharp wit and observational comedy, takes the audience on a laughter-filled journey through various anecdotes and relatable scenarios.

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1. What is “Gopi Funchurian”?

  • “Gopi Funchurian” is a stand-up comedy special by renowned comedian Badava Gopi. It features humorous takes on everyday life, cultural quirks, and societal norms.

2. Who is the performer?

  • The performer is Badava Gopi, a popular Indian comedian known for his sharp wit and observational humor.

3. Who is organizing the event?

  • The event is organized by Indian Rib Tickling Delicacy.

4. What are the event dates?

  • The event runs from June 09, 2024, to July 28, 2024, on Sundays.

5. Where is the event taking place?

  • The event will be held at multiple venues. Please check the event details on BookMyShow for specific locations.

6. What is the minimum ticket price?

  • The minimum ticket price is ₹499.

7. How can I book tickets?

  • Tickets can be booked on BookMyShow. Visit their website or app, search for “Gopi Funchurian,” select your preferred date and venue, choose your tickets, and complete the payment process.

8. Can I choose my seats?

  • Seat selection may be available depending on the venue. Check the seating options during the booking process on BookMyShow.

9. What payment methods are accepted?

  • BookMyShow accepts various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, and digital wallets.

10. Will I receive a confirmation after booking?

  • Yes, after successful payment, you will receive a booking confirmation via email and SMS, along with an e-ticket or QR code.

11. Can I cancel or reschedule my tickets?

  • Cancellation and rescheduling policies depend on BookMyShow’s terms and conditions. Please refer to their website for more details.

12. What should I bring to the event?

  • Bring a valid ID, your e-ticket or QR code (received via email or SMS), and any necessary proof of purchase if applicable.

13. Is there an age limit for the show?

  • Age restrictions, if any, will be mentioned on the event page on BookMyShow. Please check the event details for specific information.

14. How early should I arrive at the venue?

  • It’s recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show starts to avoid any last-minute rush and to find your seat comfortably.

15. Who can I contact for more information?

  • For further details, visit the event page on BookMyShow or contact their customer support for assistance.



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