Sunburn Arena Ft Alan Walker Chennai

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Ticket Price for Alan Walkar Live in Chennai starts from Rs. 1000.00, purchase your tickets on the ticket website Grab your tickets Now!

Ticket Price

Ticket Category Price (INR)
PreSale GA 1000
PreSale VIP 2000
PreSale Fanpit 4000
Gold Table 60000
Platinum Table 130000
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Event Summary

Event Name: Alan Walker Live in Concert
City: Chennai
Date: October 5, 2024
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: Yet to be Announced

Hey India, get set ’cause Alan Walker’s tour is about to hit you like a storm!

Kolkata, Shillong, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Imagine nights where “Faded” isn’t just a track, but the anthem of your memories, where every “Alone” moment feels like a shared pulse with thousands.

This tour is your playlist come to life. Feel the “Spectre” of beats haunting every corner of your mind, and when “Darkside” hits, that’s when you know it’s real – the music, the crowd, the energy.

Join the movement, feel the music, be the beat. Alan Walker is calling, and this is the journey you don’t wanna miss!

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  1. TicketSearch

    Most Exciting event of the Year in Chennai. Looking forward to it!

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