Ye Jo Hans Rahi Hai Duniya Ft Rahgir Live


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Ticket Price

Ticket Category Price (INR)
Minimum 499
Maximum 999
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Event Summary

Event Details
Performer Rahgir
Organiser Rahgir
Date Jun 14, 2024 – Jul 28, 2024
Time Friday- Sunday
Venue Multiple Venues


After getting much love during his last tour and Jashn e Rekhta, Rahgir is back with his tour with his new special which includes his released and unreleased songs. Come and witness some soul stirring lyrics with raw desi voice.”Ye Jo Hans Rahi Hai Duniya,” a timeless classic by Jagjit Singh, brings together profound poetry and soul-stirring melody. As Rahgir takes the stage, there’s an air of anticipation, an eagerness to embark on a journey through the depths of emotions. The audience leans in, captivated, as the first chords resonate, setting the tone for an unforgettable performance. And amidst the hush, Rahgir’s voice rises, carrying the essence of the song, weaving a spellbinding tale of life’s trials and triumphs. With every note, every inflection, he invites us to reflect on the fleeting moments of joy and sorrow that shape our existence. And in that shared moment, we find solace, we find connection, in the timeless beauty of music.

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