PokerBaazi Presents Aqida Live


Ticket Price for PokerBaazi Presents Aqida Live Starts Rs 499, Onwards book tickets on the Official Website. Check Showtime Here!

Ticket Price

Ticket Type Price
Early Bird Male Entry ₹499
Early Bird Female Entry ₹499
Early Bird Couple Entry ₹999
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Event Summary

Performer Poker Baazi
Organiser Massive Events
Date Jun 30, 2024
Day Sunday
Time 9:00 PM
Venue Studio XO Bar Section 29
Location Gurugram, Delhi


Witness a musical extravaganza by Aqida Band on Studio Xo Bar Gurgaon & Ludhiana. Gather your friends for an unconventional dining experience, a smashin’ cocktail list and flawless service. It sounds like you’re referring to a specific event or stream involving PokerBaazi and Aqida, possibly a live broadcast or tournament. PokerBaazi is a popular online poker platform in India, known for organizing various poker tournaments and events. “Aqida Live” could be an event name or a reference to a live stream featuring Aqida, who might be a prominent player or personality associated with the platform. If you’re interested in watching or participating, you might want to check out PokerBaazi’s official channels or website for more information on their events and live streams.

How to Book Tickets

  • Visit BookMyShow Website or App: Go to the BookMyShow website ( or open the BookMyShow app on your smartphone.
  • Search for the Event: Use the search bar to look for the event. You can enter keywords like “Poker Baazi”, “Massive Events”, “Studio XO Bar Gurugram”, or specify the date (June 30, 2024) to find the event quickly.
  • Select Tickets: Once you find the event, click on it to view details such as venue, date, time, and ticket options.
  • Choose Ticket Type: Select the ticket type you want to purchase, such as Early Bird Male Entry, Early Bird Female Entry, or Early Bird Couple Entry based on your preference.
  • Proceed to Payment: Click on the “Book Now” or “Buy Tickets” button. You will be directed to a page where you need to enter your contact details and proceed to payment.
  • Make Payment: Choose your preferred payment method (credit/debit card, net banking, wallet, etc.) and complete the payment process.
  • Receive Confirmation: After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email and/or SMS with your ticket details.
  • Collect Tickets: Depending on the event, you may need to either print your ticket or show the e-ticket on your mobile at the venue for entry. Check the event details for specific instructions.


Q: What is the event about?

  • A: The event features Poker Baazi organized by Massive Events, likely including poker games, entertainment, and possibly competitions.

Q: Where is the event taking place?

  • A: The event will be held at Studio XO Bar Section 29 in Gurugram, Delhi.

Q: When is the event scheduled?

  • A: The event is scheduled for June 30, 2024, which falls on a Sunday. It starts at 9:00 PM.

Q: Who can attend the event?

  • A: The event is open to individuals who meet the age requirements specified by the organizers. Typically, such events are open to adults aged 18 and above.

Ticketing and Booking

Q: How can I book tickets for the event?

  • A: You can book tickets through BookMyShow. Search for the event using relevant keywords (e.g., “Poker Baazi”, “Studio XO Bar Gurugram”) and select your preferred ticket type (Male, Female, Couple).

Q: What are the ticket prices?

  • A: Early Bird Male Entry: ₹499, Early Bird Female Entry: ₹499, Early Bird Couple Entry: ₹999.

Q: Are tickets refundable or transferable?

  • A: Refund and transfer policies may vary. Check the terms and conditions on the booking platform (e.g., BookMyShow) or contact customer support for specific inquiries.

Q: Do I need to print the tickets or can I show them on my phone?

  • A: Typically, e-tickets can be shown on your mobile device at the venue. However, check the event details for specific instructions regarding ticket presentation.

Event Logistics

Q: Is there parking available at the venue?

  • A: Details about parking facilities at Studio XO Bar Section 29 can be confirmed closer to the event date or by contacting the venue directly.

Q: Will food and drinks be available at the event?

  • A: Events at Studio XO Bar Section 29 often include food and beverage options. Specific details about offerings and availability may be provided closer to the event date.

Contact and Support

Q: Whom should I contact for more information about the event?

  • A: For event-specific inquiries (e.g., schedule, accommodations), you can contact the organizers through their official channels or customer support provided on the booking platform.

Q: What should I do if I encounter issues with my booking or have questions about my ticket?

  • A: For issues related to booking tickets or inquiries about your tickets, reach out to BookMyShow customer support for assistance.


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