Anthony Jeselnik: Bones and All


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Ticket Category Price (INR)
Minimum Price 1,999
Maximum Price 9,999
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Event Summary

Event Name Anthony Jeselnik Bones And All
Performer Anthony Jeselnik
Organiser Deadant Live
Date August 08, 2024
Day Thursday
Venue Shanmukhananda Hall
Location Mumbai


Dead Ant Live is proud to present, for the first time in India, The Dead Ant Loop featuring international comedy superstar Anthony Jeselnik! The American comedian will tour Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru with his brand-new hour, ‘Bones and All’. Anthony Jeselnik’s comedy special “Bones and All” starts with his signature dark humor and sharp wit. Jeselnik often sets the tone for his specials with an opening that immediately grabs the audience’s attention, blending controversial topics with his unique, unapologetic style. While I don’t have the exact transcript, Jeselnik typically uses his intros to establish his comedic persona and hint at the provocative material to come. His intros are known for their cleverness and ability to shock and amuse the audience right from the start. If you have specific lines or themes you’re interested in, I can help analyze or discuss those further.

How to Book Tickets

  1. Visit BookMyShow:
    • Go to the BookMyShow website or open the BookMyShow app on your smartphone.
  2. Search for the Event:
    • Use the search bar at the top of the page and type “Anthony Jeselnik” or the name of the event, “Bones and All.”
  3. Select the Event:
    • From the search results, click on the event listing for Anthony Jeselnik at Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai on August 08, 2024.
  4. Choose the Date and Time:
    • Ensure you select the correct date (August 08, 2024) and time for the event.
  5. Select Tickets:
    • Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase.
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    • Ensure the total amount is correct.
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Are there assigned seats? 

No there is no assigned seating. It will be on first come first serve basis in each category.

Is there a ticket purchase limit?

You can buy up to 10 tickets per person. All ticket categories are subject to availability, so make sure to purchase yours before they sell out!

Is there an age limit?

Yes, customers must be 16 years or older to attend this show.

What is the duration of the show?

The show is approximately 2 hours long. Please try to be early for the show as entry to latecomers is not guaranteed.

Will I be able to switch my ticket to a different category?

No, tickets once purchased cannot be upgraded or changed.

Will I be able to leave the venue and come back to my seat?

No, re-entry is not permitted.

Will tickets be available for sale on any other platform?

No, the official tickets will only be available for sale on BookMyShow. We strongly recommend that you don’t purchase tickets via any third party to avoid the possibility of counterfeit tickets.

How will I know my payment is confirmed?

You will receive an email mentioning your payment has been received. You will also receive your m-ticket immediately upon purchase.

What is included in my ticket?

Your ticket will include admission into the show for one person only.

How will I receive my tickets?

You will receive an m-ticket on purchase. M-tickets will be stored in your BookMyShow app. Simply go to your Profile, and then to Your Orders to locate your m-ticket. Click on the “Contactless Ticketing & Fast-track With M-ticket” tab on the top right part of this page.

Do I need to produce my m-ticket for access to the venue?

Yes, when you arrive at the venue, please keep your m-ticket handy to scan the code for access. In case of poor network, please locate your m-ticket before entering the venue doors for a quick and smooth entry process. Screenshots of the m-ticket will not be permitted.

If you have purchased tickets for your family and friends, please ensure that you officially share the m-ticket from the BookMyShow app to avoid any delay at entry.

How do I share my m-ticket?

Mobile App

Step 1. Open your BookMyShow app and log into your registered account.

Step 2. Tap ‘Profile’ on the bottom-right of the screen and tap on the ‘Your Orders’ section.

Step 3. Scroll to the event you have booked the ticket for and select it.

Step 4. Below the ticket QR code, tap the ‘Transfer Ticket’ button.

Step 5. Select the recipient of that ticket from your address book and select ‘Done’ on the top-right.

*You must grant the app access to your address book to see your contacts for both iOS and Android. For more details, please refer to our support page.

Is the venue air-conditioned?

Yes, there will be air-conditioning throughout the duration of the show.

Will I be permitted to bring food and beverages from other establishments or from my home to the venues?

Unfortunately, food and beverages from any location outside of the venue will not be permitted.

Is smoking allowed at the show?

No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside the venue.

Are handbags allowed into the venue?

Large backpacks, briefcases, and suitcases will not be permitted within the venue. However, small sling bags and handbags will be permitted inside.

What else am I not allowed to bring to the venue?

Please keep in mind that your belongings will be searched before entering the venue.

Admission to the venue may be denied, and visitors may be ejected from the venue without any entitlement to a refund of the admission fee if the visitor engages in the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Refuses to be searched by security personnel.
  • Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Is in the possession of, or is dealing in drugs.
  • Puts the lives of others at risk.
  • Damages or steals any of the infrastructure or inventory at the venue.
  • Is in possession of firearms.
  • Is in possession of any of the below-prohibited items.
  • Any other reason deemed fit by the organizer.

The following items will be confiscated, or you will be asked to leave the premises.

  • Professional audio-video recording devices. Recording any portion of the performance is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to be recording, the device will be confiscated and the footage will be deleted.
  • Professional cameras and recording (photo, video, audio) equipment, such as: large professional detachable zoom lenses, stands, monopods, tripods, go pro cameras, attachment sticks (selfie sticks), musical instruments, megaphones, horns, noise makers or other commercial equipment are prohibited.
  • Laptops, external hard drives, and portable charging devices may not be permitted in the venue.
  • Briefcases, large backpacks, tiffin bags & boxes, multiple pocket bags, etc. may not be permitted in the venue.
  • Sharp objects of any kind, such as blades, knives, scissors, weapons, pocket knives, pepper spray, large chains or sharp jewelry.
  • Laser pens or pocket lasers.
  • Flammable items, such as lighters, sky lanterns, fireworks, flares, etc.
  • Narcotics or banned substances. The use and possession of drugs is completely forbidden. It is prohibited to deal drugs on the event premises. If such an infringement becomes apparent you will be removed from the event premises and handed over to the police.
  • Markers, pens, or spray paint.
  • Food & beverages (including personal water bottles) from establishments outside of the premises.
  • Cigarettes or any kind of smoking devices including vapes.

What happens if the event is canceled?

You will be notified in advance via email and SMS and you will be issued a refund.

What if I can’t make it to the event?

Tickets, once purchased, are non-transferable or refundable with no excptions.


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