Rahul Deshpande Classical and Semi Classical


Ticket Price for Rahul Deshpande Classical and Semi Classical Starts Rs 500 Onwards, Book Tickets on the Official Website. Check Showtime Here!

Ticket Price

Ticket Type Price (INR)
Minimum Price 500
Maximum Price 2000
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Event Summary

Performer Rahul Deshpande
Organiser Angel Entertainment
Date August 10, 2024
Day Saturday
Time 08:30 PM
Venue Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha
Location Thane, Mumbai


For classical and semi classical music lovers this concert is a treat. Famous Marathi Movie ‘Katyaar Kaljaat Ghusli’ Fame classical singer Mr. Rahul Deshpande will sing classical and Semi classical songs. Rahul Deshpande is a renowned Indian classical and semi-classical vocalist known for his rich lineage in music. He hails from the prestigious Deshpande family of musicians, with his grandfather being the legendary Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande. Rahul himself has received extensive training in Hindustani classical music, particularly in the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana tradition. He is celebrated for his soulful renditions of khayal, thumri, and bhajan genres. Rahul’s performances often showcase his mastery over ragas and intricate taal patterns, combined with a deep emotional expression that captivates audiences. His dedication to preserving and promoting classical music has made him a prominent figure in the Indian music scene today.

How to Book Tickets

  • Visit BookMyShow: Go to the BookMyShow website or open the BookMyShow app on your smartphone.
  • Search for Event: Use the search bar to find the event by typing “Rahul Deshpande” or “Classical Music Concert” along with the date and location if needed.
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  • How can I book tickets for Rahul Deshpande’s performance?
    • Tickets for Rahul Deshpande’s performance can be booked online through platforms like BookMyShow. Visit the website or app, search for the event, select your preferred seats, and complete the booking process.
  • What are the ticket prices for Rahul Deshpande’s concert?
    • Ticket prices typically range from ₹500 for General seating to ₹2000 for VIP seats, depending on availability and seating category.
  • Are there different seating categories available?
    • Yes, usually tickets are available in categories such as General and VIP. Each category may have different pricing and seating arrangements.
  • Can I choose specific seats when booking tickets?
    • Yes, you can often select specific seats or choose from available sections during the booking process on platforms like BookMyShow.
  • What payment methods are accepted for booking tickets?
    • BookMyShow accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and sometimes cash on delivery (if available).
  • Do I need to create an account to book tickets on BookMyShow?
    • Yes, it’s recommended to create an account on BookMyShow to facilitate easy booking, manage bookings, and receive updates related to events.
  • How do I receive my tickets after booking?
    • After successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email and/or SMS containing your booking details. You may also download or print your tickets directly from BookMyShow.
  • Can I cancel or refund my tickets?
    • Policies regarding ticket cancellations and refunds vary. Check the terms and conditions on BookMyShow or contact their customer support for assistance regarding cancellations.
  • Is there a helpline or customer support available for ticketing queries?
    • Yes, BookMyShow provides customer support through their website, app, and helpline numbers for any queries related to ticket bookings, event details, or technical issues.
  • What should I carry to the event for entry?
    • Carry either a printed copy of your ticket or display the e-ticket on your mobile device along with a valid ID proof for verification at the venue.


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