PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali


Ticket Price for PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali starts from Rs. 1999.00, purchase your tickets on Grab your PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali tickets!

Ticket Price

Venue Ticket Type Price (INR)
Delhi NCR Early Bird Female Entry 1,999
Early Bird Male Entry 2,499
Early Bird Couple Entry 2,999
Bronze Table (4 Pax) 30,000
Silver Table (6 Pax) 50,000
Gold Table (8 Pax) 1,00,000
Platinum Table (12 Pax) 1,50,000
Ludhiana Early Bird Female Entry 2,000
Early Bird Male Entry 2,500
Early Bird Couple Entry 3,000
Early Bird Full Cover 5,000
Silver Table (6 Pax) 50,000
Gold Table (8 Pax) 75,000
Platinum Table (12 Pax) 1,00,000
VIP Gold Table (10 Pax) 1,00,000
VIP Platinum Table (12 Pax) 1,50,000
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Event Summary

Detail Information
Performer Sagar Wali Qawwali
Organiser PokerBaazi
Date June 19, 2024 – June 26, 2024
Day Wednesday
Venue Multiple Venues


Get ready to fall in love with the soulful melodies of Sagar Wali`s qawwali on Studio Xo bar . Don`t miss out on this special event. “PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali” is likely a promotional event or a series hosted by PokerBaazi, an online poker platform, featuring Sagar Wali Qawwali, a popular Qawwali group or performer. Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music originating from South Asia, characterized by its expressive and energetic performance style. This event could be aimed at combining entertainment with the gaming experience, offering a cultural treat to the platform’s users or attracting a wider audience. If you have specific details about the event or any questions related to it, feel free to share.

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1. What is “PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali”?

  • “PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali” is a series of live Qawwali performances featuring Sagar Wali Qawwali, organized by PokerBaazi. The event will take place across multiple venues from June 19, 2024, to June 26, 2024.

2. Who is the performer?

  • The performer is Sagar Wali Qawwali, a popular Qawwali group known for their energetic and soulful Sufi music performances.

3. What are the event dates and venues?

  • The event will be held from June 19, 2024, to June 26, 2024, at multiple venues. Specific venue details will be available on the booking platform.

4. How can I book tickets?

  • Tickets can be booked through BookMyShow. Visit their website or app, search for “PokerBaazi Presents Sagar Wali Qawwali”, select your preferred date and venue, choose your ticket type, and proceed to checkout.

5. What are the ticket prices?

  • Delhi NCR:
    • Early Bird Female Entry: ₹1,999
    • Early Bird Male Entry: ₹2,499
    • Early Bird Couple Entry: ₹2,999
    • Bronze Table (4 Pax): ₹30,000
    • Silver Table (6 Pax): ₹50,000
    • Gold Table (8 Pax): ₹1,00,000
    • Platinum Table (12 Pax): ₹1,50,000
  • Ludhiana:
    • Early Bird Female Entry: ₹2,000
    • Early Bird Male Entry: ₹2,500
    • Early Bird Couple Entry: ₹3,000
    • Early Bird Full Cover: ₹5,000
    • Silver Table (6 Pax): ₹50,000
    • Gold Table (8 Pax): ₹75,000
    • Platinum Table (12 Pax): ₹1,00,000
    • VIP Gold Table (10 Pax): ₹1,00,000
    • VIP Platinum Table (12 Pax): ₹1,50,000

6. Are there any discounts available?

  • Early bird tickets are available at discounted rates. Check the BookMyShow website for any additional promotions or discount codes.

7. Can I choose my seats?

  • For table bookings, you can choose your table based on availability. Individual entry tickets are generally on a first-come, first-served basis for seating.

8. What payment methods are accepted?

  • BookMyShow accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and e-wallets.

9. What is the refund/cancellation policy?

  • Refund and cancellation policies are determined by BookMyShow. Please refer to their terms and conditions during the booking process.

10. What time do the events start?

  • The start time for each performance will be listed on the event page on BookMyShow. Please arrive early to secure your seating.

11. Is there a dress code?

  • There is no specific dress code, but smart casual attire is recommended.

12. Can children attend the event?

  • This depends on the venue’s policy. Please check the event details on BookMyShow for any age restrictions.

13. Are food and beverages available at the venue?

  • Most venues will have food and beverage options available for purchase. Check with the specific venue for more details.

14. How can I contact customer support for booking issues?

  • For any booking issues, you can contact BookMyShow customer support through their website or app.

15. Is parking available at the venues?

  • Parking availability varies by venue. Please check the venue details on BookMyShow or contact the venue directly for parking information.


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