Love You Pancham


Ticket Price for Love you Pancham live Starts Rs 299 Onwards, book tickets on the official bookmyshow website. Check showtime here.

Ticket Price

Category Price (in INR)
Category 8 299
Category 7 499
Category 6 1,499
Category 5 1,999
Category 4 2,499
Category 3 2,999
Category 2 3,499
Category 1 3,999
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Event Summary

Attribute Details
Performer Nitin Shankar
Organiser Rhythm Maestro
Date June 28, 2024
Day Friday
Time 7:00 PM
Venue Shanmukhananda Hall
Location Mumbai


“Love You Pancham” this event is a Musical tribute to the Sui generis World famous legendary Music Director R D Burman. The best R D Burman concert of the town by his Rhythm Maestro Nitin Shankar. Don’t Miss. It is a tribute to the legendary Indian music director R.D. Burman, often referred to as Pancham Da. He is celebrated for his innovative compositions and significant contributions to the Indian music industry, particularly in Bollywood. The tribute encompasses his influence on music, his creative genius, and the timeless appeal of his songs. His work continues to inspire and entertain music lovers around the world. If you have specific questions or need information about R.D. Burman or this tribute, feel free to ask.

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