Yaadein: A Bouquet of Ghazals


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Event Summary

Event Name Yaadein: A Bouquet of Ghazals
Performer Alap Desai
Organiser Shivani Vashvani
Date July 19, 2024 (Friday)
Time 6:30 PM
Venue Experimental Theatre, NCPA
Location Mumbai


Shivani Vaswani and Alap Desai. The ghazal is a special form of poetry that lends itself to be set in a musical frame; further enhancing its emotional appeal. Shivani Vaswani is the daughter of the renowned musical duo, Ghansham and Minakshi Vaswani. Having trained in Hindustani as well as lighter forms of music for over two decades, presently she is under the tutelage of Ajoy Chakrabarty and Ghansham Vaswani. With a wide repertoire of genres like ghazal, sufi, devotional and folk fusion, Vaswani has participated in major festivals. “Yaadein: A Bouquet of Ghazals” suggests a collection of ghazals, which are a poetic form originating in Arabic poetry and later flourishing in Persian, Urdu, and other languages. Ghazals typically express the pain of loss and the beauty of love in a poignant and often mystical manner.

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